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Outdoor Lighting Design

The first consultation will have you meeting with Designer / Owner Ron Witherspoon where questions will arise regarding your goals, desires and expectations towards your Outdoor Lighting System.  The discussion will continue as Ron walks the property and assesses the architecture of the home and features around the home such as patios, paths, fountains, focal points, landscaping and water features.  All of this information is then processed, formulating a lighting plan that incorporates form, function, beauty, security and economy. Upon review and approval, the project will be scheduled. On the scheduled date we arrive and the transformation begins. Your outdoor spaces will come alive and become even more beautiful as the sun disappears. The architectural details and landscape elements that you cherish will be enhanced and come to life in a way you will never tire of seeing!

Landscape Lighting Installation

Stealth Landscape Lighting offers turn-key, low-voltage outdoor lighting installations. Our approach begins with creative design and includes practical budget, proper equipment specification, correct engineering of the system, convenient control technologies, installation by trained professionals and a final night-time adjustment of the lighting system. Manufacturer's warranties are offered for up to ten years on selected components of some product lines, and all systems are guaranteed for a minimum of one year.

Maintenance & Repair

Stealth Landscape Lighting provides service for all types of low-voltage outdoor lighting. We cover a wide range of services from simple lamp changes to reinstalling new systems. You may have an older lighting system that doesn’t work at all, or works “some of the time.”  We can repair and replace what is needed to make your old system run like new again, or make the recommendations to get the lighting scheme you desire.
As your landscape matures and changes your lights need to be adjusted and moved, proper pruning will be required to keep plant growth away from fixtures.  We have worked with landscapers and gardeners for over 26 years and are qualified with our pruning skills.
Stealth Landscape Lighting provides maintenance contracts for those who wish to keep their home and landscape beautiful and safe year round. The contracts consist of two yearly visits, in the spring and in the late fall after the leaves have come down. We will inspect your entire system, replace necessary lamps, fine-tune every fixture, and conduct necessary pruning.


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